July 31, 2012

DIY: "Cabo Floating Candles"

Hola! Muchas gracias for checking out my first blog post! Spent last week in beautiful Jose del Cabo for my birthday! Fun waves, fish tacos (YUM) and some quality family time with my Dad. We stayed at "Cabo Surf Hotel" which I would highly recommend if your planning a trip to Mex! Whilst enjoying the view I was inspired by these lovely floating candles at our hotel so decided to do myself up a little DIY!

What your working with:
3 Mason Jars
3 Candles
Bag a' Rocks
Wire (+ Wire Cutters)
Wax Paper (+ Scissors)

1. Add a handful of rocks to each mason jar.
2. Measure wire just under the rim of jar. Cut. Twist and secure end.
3. Tie twine to wire on either side of jar.
4. Measure and cut wax paper approx. one and a half inches in height.

5. Wrap wax paper in circle and insert into jar (Optional. Keep an eye on the paper!)
6. Insert candle into jar.
7. Hang jar where ever your heart desires :)
8. Light it up!!


Photo Cred: Jessica Snyder and Miss Megan Ann.