May 29, 2013

Bright White.

What a beautiful weekend it was!! Perfect weather calls for color! I loved pairing this fresh coral top with these bright white Articles of Society jeans! I have to admit- I am super clumsy / accident prone  and there was a time where I was too scared to wear white! I was missing out!! White instantly adds a clean, put together vibe to any outfit. Plus these may be my jean soul mates! The fit is perfect and they are so comfortable (not to mention reasonable priced) which is a major plus. So! The moral of the story- don't be afraid to go bright white! You may just surprise yourself, and not spill.


Rollin with the homies...

PhotoCred: Lisa Richardson

May 23, 2013

Short & Sweet.

Short & Sweet.

Who wears short shorts? Shocking but true, shorts are back in for summer! Of course, I'm loving all these brights! Floral and tribal prints are also on my radar. Shorts: fresh, easy breezy and casual cool.   What more can you ask for? What kind of shorts will you be boppin' around in this summer?!


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May 21, 2013

Rapping With: The Skinny Confidential.

As the story goes, we were at each other's 1st birthday parties.. (Our Dad's went to High School together!!) so we go waaaayy back, although growing up on other ends of the coast (San Diego > Malibu) we haven't gotten to spend all that much time together! Thanks to this blogosphere I am now getting a daily fix of this spunky, uber healthy and stylish young lady via her totally addictive blog The Skinny Confidential and new Youtube Channel: The Style Kittens. I chatted with Lauryn about healthy snacks, getting motivated and her favorite spots in beautiful San Diego! 

What inspired you to start your blog: The Skinny Confidential?
I had the initial idea for The Skinny Confidential while I was attending San Diego State University. It occurred to me, not because I wanted to become a career blogger, but because there a desperate need for a website that advocated healthy living. I was noticing that all blogs were either very strict or very relaxed. I wanted to create a website that represented balance, moderation, & a healthy ideal. After two years of work (read the story here), the blog was launched! It's been an amazing journey ever since! 

You are a San Diego native- name a few of your favorite places to hang in SD:
Ahhh! Love this question. I'm a big fan of hole in the walls. I die over Craft and Commerce in Little Italy. Another random ass spot I go to is Tabu. I'll go by myself to blog! It's literally so small (they have amazingly fast WiFi though!!) but has the most delicious veggie roll. 

Searsucker is fun but it's very scene-y. Mister A's is a timeless, classic with delicious food. And if you want ambiance head over to Cowboy Star- it's literally where Johnny Cash would hang out. So cool and so fun.

I also recommend Market (<< amazing sushi/food), Fidel's ( authentic Mexican food ), & The 3rd Corner (because who doesn't like wine + cheese?!).

You're always posting delicious and healthy snacks, what's favorite go-to?
I'll break down my ideal day: 

Breakfast: I love a veggie juice (this one in particular). 

Snack: I'm a big hummus fan; believe it or not I dip tangerines and grapes into it! Add some Meyer lemon and you're golden.

Lunch: A sprouted piece of toast with soy nut butter & sliced bananas is one of my favorites. I also love veggie burgers, a huge, full salad (like this one), or a kale and quinoa salad from Whole Foods.

Snack: a green smoothie (1/2 of  banana, a handful spinach, hemp seeds, water, & ice).

Dinner: I'm going through this gnarly sweet potato stage. I use dairy-free butter and make the most unbelievable cucumber, tomato, onion, basil salad. It's the perfect combo. And it's even better with a glass of Pinot Noir!

Dessert: I love this raspberry dessert- it's light, low calorie, & delicious!

Tell me about your newest venture; your YouTube channel The Style Kittens?
The Style Kittens originated when my fashionista girlfriend, Jackie and I decided to merge together to create a channel that encompassed everything girly. 

Basically it's where fashion meets skinny. Jacqueline is a jewelry designer and stylist and I'm a fitness trainer and lifestyle blogger, so you get the best of both worlds.Think makeup, boys, hair, nails, beauty, fitness, diet, jewelry, clothes, ETC. You can check us out and subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/user/thestylekittens

Best workout tip and how do you stay so motivated?!
PILATES!!! Learn it, live it, love it. It's changed my bod. And changed my life. Ya wanna look like a Victoria's Secret 'Angel?' Ya, well. Get Pilates in three days a week.Not only does it change your body, it's not as strenuous as cardio, so you end up consuming less food.I stay motivated by reminding myself (daily) that I want to be the best version of myself. Get your ass out of bed, stop complaining, and MOVE your body. It's not fun working out everyday, but if you make it a habit, it becomes like brushing your teeth. You just do it!

Thanks Lauryn for the tips! Oh yeah! And Happy Birthday Love!!


May 17, 2013

Gold Layers.

 Skinnies: Current Elliot | Jean shirt: Trouve |  Booties: Sam Edelman | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.

In Los Angeles the weather is constantly changing, especially lately! It can be chilly in the morning and baking in the afternoon! Or 100 in the valley and 70 at the beach! You never know what your going to get. The solution you ask? Layers. Lots of layers. 

PhotoCred: Nicole Hart.

May 15, 2013

Spotted: In Black & White.

Spotted: In Black & White.

Black and white will always be in. If you want to look chic, black and white- it's the way to go. I've pulled off my fair share of prints. Snow Leopard- done. But I have not yet ventured into Zebra or Cow print territory. I'm on the fence. No pun intended. Does that even make sense? Cow? Fence? Farm? Anyway! Tell me, what do you think about this trend?


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May 13, 2013


  Smoothie Sunday @ Urth Caffe

 Night out on the lake.

Rings: Rockabella Jewels | Case: GoIncase | Bag: Lancaster.

 At Scoop NYC Event

 Sending out Mint tees!

 #TBT Summer days are almost here!!

 Juice head > Sneaker head.

 Undercover Selfie. Case: GoIncase

At the screen printer! New things coming soon!! Mint!

Getting chocolate wasted! Mini Sprinkles Cupcakes at Scoop Event.

Food porn, selfies, arm parties... all the good stuff! Plus some fun Mint Tee Giveaways!
Come cruise with me-



May 9, 2013

Devil With A Blue Dress On.

Dress: ASTR | Heels: Steve Madden | Bag: (Bottom Photo) Rebecca Minkoff

So obsessed with this dress from ASTR (which is now %40 off!!) The neon detail on the chest, the cut-outs on the sides, the blue leather panels. So good. I definitely like it more when I've got some added height ( I am 5'1" don't forget!) I added an instagram pic from a Loft event where I wore similar color heels as these sandals. You can see the difference when you add some inches haha! I personally love the matchy matchy thing at the moment. And I am still loving this chartreuse color as well! I know some people may be a bit burnt out but I think for this small pop it's perfect!! Are you guys excited to get into some summer dresses?


Hop along...

PhotoCred: Tanner James.

May 8, 2013

Two and Seven.

Fun interview on of my favorite sites Two + Seven today!! I chat about my inspiration for the line, why the boys I grew up surfing with always give me a hard time (haha!) and what's next!!!

Full story here.
Check out my line here.