May 22, 2014

Seventeen Mag Giveaway.

Time for another awesome giveaway! This time we are teaming up with SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE
Go to Seventeen.com for details!
Best of luck!



May 19, 2014

Equinox: Newport Beach.

The last two weeks we have been on an Equinox tour of sorts. Hitting up Newport Beach last week and Manhattan Beach the week before. Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be at Equinox in Santa Monica from 8-9PM! So if your in the neighborhood stop by and see us!!



May 15, 2014

Wetsand Fiesta.

Last Thursday we cruised to one of my favorite shops, Wetsand in Ventura- for a trunk show/ Ocho De Mayo Party! We set up alongside Beach Riot and Made by Dawn and we all had a super fun night! I lived in Ventura for a few years and it was so awesome to hang with some of my old buddies! It's been a goal of mine from the start of the line to be in Wetsand and I am so stoked to be a part of their fam! Thanks to Shannon and the Wetsand gang for a great night and looking forward to Mint's Fall Collection being in Wetsand in July! 



May 13, 2014

On Tour With Equinox!

In case you haven't heard we are on tour with Equinox this month!! We hung out with the fine folks at South Bay Equinox last week and today and Wednesday we will be at:

Newport Beach Equinox
 19540 Jamboree Road

Come say hi!



May 10, 2014

Artisanal LA.

A few weekends ago Nikki and I cruised down to the Artisanal LA Spring Show- a pop up event at LA Mart that gives you the opportunity to explore local vendors... meet em, get their stories and taste their locally made products! Although there is more then food! Art, home decor, jewelry- we could have stayed and explored all day.

 Below are some of my favorites from the show- 

 Health-Ade: Pomegranate is my fave! 

(Remember when I "cleansed" my new loft? Post here.. They make a kit for that!) 

Ghost Pepper & Tangerine!

Best ever. Truffle salt! Trust me. 

Cold pressed coffee. Nikki is addicted.

I could live on these! My pick: Cranberry Trail Mix. 

Love these! All natural prints- ink from fruits & veggies! Amazing. 

(Nikki is wearing Mint "Paradise Tee" and "Tie Dye Harems"

Thank you Artisanal LA for having us!



May 7, 2014

Ocho De Mayo Trunk Show Tomorrow!!

So stoked on this Ocho De Mayo party at Wetsand Surf Shop in Ventura tomorrow! We will be there along with some of our favorite brands: Beach Riot and Made by Dawn! Swing by! Say hi!!