April 27, 2014

Weekend Ritual: Farmer's Market.

 One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is cruise the local farmer's markets. There are several vendors I kinda of... stalk? Weird choice of words? One I LOVE is Dave's.. it's Vegan Korean food and it's amazing!! Spicy tempeh, spicy chop veggie, lotus root, daikon, seaweed salad.. trust me you will be addicted! I like to stock up over the weekend and plan for the week, although to be honest it's usually gone by Wednesday! Fresh, organic fruits & veggies, juices, tapas, chips & salsa, succulents and flowers and the best part? It's all grown and made locally! 

Here is a list of my faves:

Calabasas: Saturdays 8am- 1pm
Pasadena: Saturdays 8:30am- 12:30pm 
Malibu: Sundays 10am - 3pm
Hollywood: Sunday 8am-1pm



April 23, 2014

Ice Cream Makes It Better.

I am a girl that loves sweets. They are my downfall. Ice cream and cookies in particular. I heard about this super cute little ice cream place in Pasadena and we happen to be down the street so we stopped in! I knew the ice cream would be good, and it was. I sampled a few flavors and chose the brown sugar vanilla bean. But the cookies! I have never had any like them! They pretty much taste like cookie dough. Super thin and.. like, they taste exactly like cookie dough! Told you still working on my describing words! Anyway! Thank you Carmela's for the sweet treats!  



April 21, 2014


 Jacket: Ecote | Tee: Zara | Jeans: Similar here | Plaid: Rails | Shoes: Converse.

I recently made the move to Downtown LA to be closer to where we manufacture my line, Mint. The best thing so far about living down here has been that I can skate and walk everywhere!! There are days I don't even get in my car! I was putting in about 2+ hours a day behind the wheel before so I am absolutely loving it. Last week my friend Nicole came to visit and document our trip to my new favorite spot, Om Nom (more on Om Nom later...) Bed head, ripped jeans, Chucks... my new "uniform" haha. That's the thing about skating around so much, I'm gonna have to amp up my sneaker game! This army jacket has been with me for 3 years, and I swear no matter how worn it gets I can't bring myself to get a new one!! I plan to do a lot more posts on my new hood and all the yummy spots down here, I'm excited to have you on the ride with me. 

Later skaters.


Photos: Nicole Hart.

April 20, 2014

Easter SALE.

Happy Easter! Enjoy 30% OFF the entire online store today! Head on over to 
and enter "EASTER30" at checkout!



April 18, 2014


My first ever food post on the blog!! Ok, so as I mentioned I recently moved and I just got a new camera to document all my exploring. You may have to bear with me as I am just getting used to using this thing! Today I had lunch in Silverlake at this fantastic place called Forage, with my pattern maker Natalia. She recommended it and it was a fabulous suggestion. I have to admit it's a little intimidating at first- everyone in Silverlake is so effortlessly cool and I'm still getting the nerve to bust out this camera in public. After fumbling to turn it on and forgetting to take my lens cap off (duh) I managed to sneak a few pics.

I got the Roasted Salmon Bowl; Roasted Salmon, Brown Rice, Picked Scarlet Turnips and Garlic Kale. And these scrambled egg strip things and some amazing soy type sauce. So good. (I will get better with my describing words as I get used to this new food blogging thing. But for now good is what I've got) I almost opted out of the Turnips, because I wasn't sure if I even liked Turnips but they were the best part!! There are a lot of things to choose from cafeteria style or you can get made to order. Either way, it's all fresh, healthy and delish. 

We skimped on dessert but that Southern Lemon Pie looks pretty damn good doesn't it! Next time.



Pics: BY ME!!

April 16, 2014

Get Over It.

Overalls: Volcom | Long Sleeve: Mint. | Bag: Aimee Kestenberg | Sandals: Reef.

I have to admit, I know this overall trend has been kickin' for a few seasons now but I don't think I've actually owned a pair since my Osh Kosh days. Saying that, I couldn't pass up these adorable railroad stripes! The tricky thing is the shirt to go under... hm... I decided to go with simple white. This long sleeve tee is from my line and has a fun pop of neon stitching, complimenting the kinda of washed out vintage vibe of the overalls. Also adding some fun color are these new sandals from Reef. Interesting choice? Seeing as these babies would normally be paired with a beachy maxi or classic shorts and tank combo I thought I would give them a chance with something unexpected. Hey, what can I say? I like to mix it up.  



Photos: Nicole Hart.

April 14, 2014

Without Walls.

The day has finally come! Mint is so proud and excited to be a part of Without Walls, a new venture from Urban Outfitters! Without Walls is currently carrying our popular Paradise TeeShark Tank and uber-comfy Harem Pants

Get on over there and check it out!! 



Photos via WithoutWalls.com