July 29, 2013


Product whore: Adjective. 1. A person obsessed with products, i.e: skin, hair, beauty products.

Yes. I confess. This is me. I use a variety of products every single day. Maybe I am a little high maintenance when it comes to my products, but hey I like to take care of my skin and hair- and being out in the sun and salt constantly, definitely takes it's toll. Also the packaging is pretty. What are some of my favorite products? Check out my guest blogging post for Swell and get the rundown here.


Social Butterflies...

Photocred: Ian Zamora 
Wetsuit: O'Neill 

July 26, 2013

Mint Turns One.

 Hello! So I celebrated my birthday yesterday, but even more exciting then that is that it's also Mint's birthday!! It has been almost exactly one year since I started this blog and my clothing line. Nuts!! I can not thank you all enough for your support! It means the world to me! I have learned so much and met so many new friends and mentors that have helped me along the way. Also to everyone who has been a fan of the brand and spreading the word- can't do it without you!!

Love to all of you!!

PS- I'm wearing the Mint "Shark Tank" 

July 24, 2013

Suit Up.

Confession: I suck at taking care of my bikini's. For me "taking care" of my bikini's which I surf in, lay out in, swim in, pretty much live in means that I... well, don't do anything. And then I wonder why they don't last long! I thought some of you out there might be having this same issue so I've done some research and I am here to report on what I've found!!

1. Rinse.
So this seems like a no brainer but hey, I don't even do it. Always use cold water. Hot water is apparently bad for your bikini! Who knew! If you are into getting your jacuzzi on try and stick to one suit for cuzzi wear so you don't ruin every single one! There is no such thing as a real hot tub time machine! If only...

2. Hand Wash.
Yesterday I invested in bathing suit wash similar to this and I am hoping it helps preserve my poor bikinis! I am going to hand wash them like the olden days. Do not put your suits in a washing machine! This is too harsh and will hurt more then it helps. One of my biggest issues is SAND! Letting your suit soak in a cold tub for 10 minutes should help get the sand outta there!!

3. Dry Off.
Do not twist or wring out your suits, they are delicate! Doing so can damage the micro fibers- ruining it's shape! Gently squeeze instead. Don't let dry in the sun (oops) this causes fading. Lay flat in a ventilated area, do not hang (oops) water collecting at the bottom stretches your suit. Once your suit is dry try to shake the sand out of your suit.

4. Preventive Measures.
When purchasing a new suit, soaking it for 30 minutes in a concoction which includes one tablespoon white vinegar added to a quart of water in a bowl will prevent fading!

 Hope you are having a fantastic summer in the sun you beach bunnies!!


July 22, 2013

Get in the Mix.

Get in the Mix.

Aren't surprises the best? I know, some people hate them! I personally love surprises and fashion is obviously no exception. Pairing neutral tones like khaki, with blaring brights like neon yellow, pack such a sweet punch don't you think? They add a little surprise spunk to an otherwise muted ensemble. Black leather shorts and sleek sunnies complete this look. Wanted to also say thanks to Steve Madden for featuring this on Steve Madden Magazine a few weeks ago! More of my sets on Polyvore can be found here.


Roll with me...

Photo by: Vicky Dinka

July 19, 2013


Hey Babes! Baby seagulls are so cute! 

Underwater photoshoot!

Nikki sporting the "Shark Tank"

If your feeling froggy, leap!

Johnie chillin' in the "Made in CA" tee!

Vanessa and I at the Lookbook x Rebecca Minkoff party

Yum yum yum yum...

Mint burrito! 

Double take. Photo by my buddy Matt Cuddihy.

Lace nails.

I love summer.

Kat and I at Michael Stars Malibu store launch.

Cruise with me....

July 17, 2013

Hard Candy.

 I just want to eat this bag!! It reminds me of like a cherry candy or something! This tank is like the sister to my "lips dress" (seen here) something about kiss prints, so fun and flirty! The wall behind me actually has a really interesting story behind it. The singer Elliot Smith shot the cover for his album Figure 8 here. Fans come from far and wide to pay tribute and write messages to the late singer. It's a sad story but the vibe of the place is so happy, a reminder that we are all connected and how much one person can touch so many people. It's really beautiful when you think about it. Happy Wednesday!


Photo by: Vicky Dinka

July 15, 2013

Thats a wrap: Unique LA.

Santa Monica's Barker Hangar

Kimze and I with our banners on set up day! 

Getting silly, I'm a Mint burrito!

Kimze (Kovey) and I at our booth all ready to go!! 

Sandwiched between two "Shark Tanks"!! 

My friend Kate surprised me!! 

One of my amazing Mint Team- Ali!!

My blogger buddy Kat of Love and Ace stopped by!

I am obsessed with these "smuffins" -amazing! 

Hepp's Salts, can't wait to use this stuff! So good.

Cotton candy flavors! I got Mango Chili! YUM.

My oldest friend in the world, Megan and I enjoying our Bon Puf cotton candy!
Thats a lil' umbrella in there btw, haha!

My amazing assistant Kenzie!

Well! It was a really awesome weekend. It was my first time at Unique LA, and my first show ever. I can't thank you all enough for your support!! I had so many of my beautiful friends stop by! I wish I got pictures with all of you! So overwhelmed by you guys! I also made a lot of new friends! And I got to meet some of you that read the blog too! Thank you all for coming to say hi to me!! I really enjoyed meeting you guys!

So.. that's a wrap on the Unique LA Summer Show. It was a truly great experience. Extra thanks to Kimze and the entire Kovey crew- you guys are the best!! It was SO fun spending the weekend with you!! And Kenzie, who helped out all 3 days- can't thank you enough.

I am one lucky girl I'll tell ya. So much love for all of you!


Roll with me....