April 29, 2013

Rapping with Goldfish Kiss.

In the last several months since I've started my line and my blog I've had the opportunity to meet some seriously sweet people, and this chick is one of them! I've admired her blog from afar and was stoked to get the skinny on the story behind Goldfish Kiss from Ms. Goldfish Kiss herself, Rebekah Steen. (Seen above wearing a Mint "Paradise Tee" BTW!!) 

You moved from Colorado to Hawaii- quite the change! You seem to fit in in Hawaii quite well! What are your favorite things about living there? 
So..I grew up in Colorado, but have lived in Iowa, Minneapolis, France, Arizona and Los Angeles, so I guess I adapt to new places well. Hopefully we will be here for a while, because so far it's been an amazing fit. I really love the simplicity and quality of life in Hawaii. You can go to the beach any day and see families Bbq'ing, people going on walks, just hanging out and enjoying nature. Plus there's always something to do outside...especially in the water. I feel really spoiled..and blessed.

What inspired you to start your blog, Goldfish Kiss?
I am an Art Director/Graphic Designer and had a little blog on my portfolio site that I kept doing just for kicks. Then I realized all I was writing about was swimwear, travel, and fitness tips, so one night at a coffee shop in Diamond head, I swapped over a few of those posts to my new blog...and Goldfish Kiss began.

You Miss, are quite the bikini expert- what do you look for in a suit?

Oh, gosh I don't think I'm and expert, that's definitely the designers! I guess you could call it the three F's: Fit, function and flattering. I see if I'm comfortable and can I be active in it...and does my butt look cute :) 

What are your favorite swimsuit trend of the moment?
For trends, gosh...the thing I'm loving is how cute "Sporty suits are" The racer back is being replaced by skinnier t-back tops, and stay put bottoms are a bit cheekier. It's like the hot tomboy bikini trend, I guess. And I really, really like how cute and cool one pieces are becoming. Yeowza!

How do you stay in swimsuit shape all year round?!
I think the key is to not think about "bikini season" or worrying about how you look in a bikini. A while ago I stopped obsessing about my weight and how my body looked, and worried more about how healthy I was...then things started falling into place. But, I do LOVE lifting weights, and lifting HEAVY. It's definitely my favorite way to workout. I'm a bit of a meathead. Plus I love running: sprints, intervals, or a run on the beach. Surfing helps too :)

Your beach going must haves?
Are you ready for the list? :) Ok, Supergoop SPF30 sunscreen (I swear by this stuff), hat, polarized sunglasses, water (cooler of beer on the weekend), reading and/or sketching materials, camera, waterproof camera, phone, fresh sugar lip treatment (I'm addicted)...and a book. And usually Subway or some sort of snack. I have a large beach bag. Oh yeah, a board is usually always in the car.

Pom Shorts by Wonderland. Sharktooth earing by Rockabella Jewels.

Thanks Rebekah for making me cooler down at the beach just because I know you! And for this interview! Muah! More GOLDFISH KISS here!! And their Instagram. And Facebook. AND Pinterest!

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(And if you wanna flip the script: Rebekah's interview with me here)


April 27, 2013

The Little Mermaid Giveaway!

Mermaid Giveaway

Hey Guys! Doing a little Instagram giveaway! Win the "Mermaid Tee" from my line Mint and this super cute coral necklace from Summer Bucket Jewelry! The "Mermaid Tee" is one of my faves and  the photo is actually from the 60s taken by well known surf photographer Ron Church at the start of underwater photography! The coral necklace compliments it perfectly!

To ENTER: Repost the above photo to your Instagram. Follow @mintclothingcompany and @summerb_jewelry and lastly hashtag #mermaidgiveaway.

Best of luck!


April 25, 2013

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Blazer: Silence & Noise | Dress: Indah | Booties: Sam Edelman | Sunnies: Brass Plum

So in love with this playful print from our friends at Indah. I belted and folded over this dress to accent it's flirty vibe. The blazer adds a little sophistication- I mean, blazers always add sophistication! If you don't have a basic black blazer it's time to get one!! Living in these sunnies from BP lately! Probably my best find in a while. And of course, my favorite booties from Sam Edelman. Will never stop loving them. 


PhotoCred: Samantha Katz

April 23, 2013

Purple Flowers.

    Sweater: Brandy Melville | Shorts: Similar here | Booties: Jeffrey Campbell | Sunnies: Brass Plum

The perfect "tuck" is a hard thing to master. I never realized this was even a "thing" until I got into styling, but trust- it is in fact a "thing" -commonly referred to in fittings and on set. Hmm.. how can I explain this? Well, with this outfit I had no choice really or it would look like I forgot pants. So I decided to go with the classic "half tuck, tuck" Bulkier things (such as sweaters) are definitely not meant for a full all around tuck. A peek of these white shorts keep this look fresh and in season- it is Spring remember! It's always fun to figure out ways to transition your favorite pieces. Now you've got one new way in your back of tricks; the "half tuck, tuck" 


April 21, 2013

Game, Set, Match.

Game, Set, Match.

Something I have been experimenting with a lot lately is matching. Like REALLY matching. This trend went extinct for a while- actually it traveled in the reverse; mis-match came in and then monochromatic (all, everything, one color) was in and now here we are... back to matching. Sorry was that hard to follow? The moral of the story is it is no longer considered faux paux to find your perfect match.

April 18, 2013

Rapping with Terraplane Sun.

Ben Rothbard is the front man of the Venice, CA based band Terraplane Sun. Terraplane Sun encompasses all the things I love; A nostalgic California sound, irresstiable hooks and cute surfer boys- of course! I am so proud of these guys as I have watched them on the rise for the past several years, they are really coming into their own and making their mark in the music biz. 

You definitely get a California vibe from your music, how has growing up here influenced your sound?
The Cali influence on our sound is undeniable. Growing up here was special. I was definitely a Cali kid, spending the majority of my time surfing and at the beach, so it's probably responsible for an overall attitude in my music than anything. The uplifting feel good vibes of Terraplane Sun.

You've been hard at work with this band for a while, how does it feel to be where your at now: touring, hearing your songs played on commercials and movies, and signing a deal with a major label?
This band has been together for about 3 years now and it's definitely been a journey.  Creating, maintaining and inspiring a legitimate rock n' roll band is far and away one of the most challenging endeavors one could ever take on. There are so many factors involved that have to line up, many of them by pure chance, that the odds of success are so slim. We've been very fortunate in the sense that, we all genuinely love each other like brothers and that's hard to come by. We've been working our asses off, so anytime the industry compensates us for the music we've written and performed, it's incredibly rewarding.

What do you miss most about home when your touring?
My family and the ocean. Other than that, I love it!

Favorite place to play in LA?
The Malibu Inn. 
(PS- I saw them there are few weeks ago and it was epic!!)

What can we expect from your next record?
Hit after hit, after hit, after hit!!!  Haha..Gotta shoot for the stars.

Thanks Dude for the chat! For more on Ben and Terraplane Sun cruise over to their official site here. 


Some Terraplane Sun inspired fashion here.

April 17, 2013

Get Me Golden.

Get Me Golden.

Robert Frost wrote "nothing gold can stay" but although Mr. Frost calls it "the hardest hue to hold" my love affair with gold never seems to tarnish or dull. I'm a poet and didn't know it? A poet and a true "Gold Girl"- from gold details like these heels, to gold statement pieces (like this baseball jacket seen here) Gold is the perfect way to stand out and make a statement whilst adding an instant touch of glamour. The title of this post is inspired by this tune sung by the subject of tomorrow's "Rapping With" post- hint hint!! Major hint! Look for that tomorrow!

Until then, stay golden my friends.


April 15, 2013

Sam's Blog.

 Pants: BDG | Bag: Lancaster | Necklace: Urban Outfitters | Heels: Sam Edelman.

Hola! I was so stoked to do another guest blogging post for Sam Edelman- we love them!! These Marina's are my latest obsession. I had fun mixing the boyish camo tank with the super feminine heels! For the full scoop on this look check out Sam's Blog here


More Mint...

PhotoCred: Samantha Katz
*Heels c/o Sam Edelman.