November 29, 2012

Rock N' Roll Will Save Your Soul.

Nothing better then a perfectly worn in pair a' Chucks! Except maybe a perfectly ripped pair of jeans. Who says you can't wear white after labor day?! I personally believe in wearing white all year round. Why not?! Do it... do it.. This boyfriend blazer is made by Silence & Noise and I also have it black. And I am also debating white. I loove them! They fit just right and once you find that just right blazer you better stock up before it's gone. Seize the moment! Also it's currently on sale!! Sorry if this post sounds a little loopy it's been a long week!!

Blazer: Silence & Noise. Tee: Vintage. Jeans: Zara. Similar here.
Kicks: Converse All- Star. Bag: Steve Madden. Similar here.
Sunnies: Ray-Ban. Watch: Michael Kors. Rings: Vintage.


November 28, 2012


I coveted these shoes for about two months before I finally just gave in and bought them. We had pulled them for a photo shoot and when our client kept them I was so insanely jealous! Then I would see them at the mall and stare at them like a weirdo. I feel comfortable enough to tell you guys these things because if you have a blog you probably love shoes just as much as I do and I bet you do the very same thing! I don't know why I didn't just buy them?! I think maybe I thought they would be tough to match. I'm very careful with my selections! Well now that I finally have them, I like to pair them with simple basics; leather shorts and a comfy white sweater did the trick. Shoes make me so happy its sick. Especially these guys and their pink soles! 

Fedora: No longer avail. similar here. Sweater: Cynthia Rowley, similar here.

November 24, 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for and it's always a great reminder! How many of you conqured Black Friday yesterday? Get anything good?! It feels like it gets craizer and craizer every year! I can't do it! Headed to the beach instead! 

Sunnies: BCBG. Watch: Michael Kors. Blouse: Forever 21. Pants: Free People.
Oxfords: Steve Madden  (no longer avail. similar here.Bag: TopShop.


November 19, 2012

Puppy Love.

"Men's shirts, short skirts, oh wha oh oh..." Sorry. Had to do it. The second thing on the agenda; can we please recognize not only is there an adorable puppy in this post but also- a rainbow. A puppy and a rainbow. Don't think I can top it. My bestie and I both have and love this skirt from American Apparel. It really is a nice staple and they've got a varitey of good colors. I've been getting super into menswear latley, but I need to clarify that this is a boy's school uniform shirt from Target! White shirts are so hard to keep looking fresh so by spending less I can replace it more often and not freak out if... or I should say when, I inevitably spill something on it. "And man. I feel like a woman!"

Sunnies: RayBan. Shirt: Target.
Skirt: American Apparel. Belt: River Island- I think? (similar here)
Oxfords: Steve Madden (similar here) Ring: Vintage- from trip to Paris!
 Watch: Michael Kors. Bag: TopShop (no longer avail.)
Puppy: Brody (Borrowed from my lovely photographer)


November 15, 2012


I was gonna try to down play it but I can't! I'm pretty excited that my tee shirt line Mint is making it's first appearance on the blog! Along with graphic tees I also have a range of "Mint Essentials"- gotta love a good basic! This tee and the rest of my Mint line will be available to purchase in January! P.S. It's super soft and comfy! Alright, alright, alright...now that I've got that excitement out of the way! These "Prance" Booties by Jeffrey Campbell were my staple all summer and I'm finding ways to mix em' into Fall, because well... I love them. As you may or may not know I have an obsession with army jackets- if you don't have one yet (which I'm sure you probably do) but if you don't- get on it. Such a go to. 

Jacket: Ecote (no longer avail. similar here) Shorts: Arc & Co. (no longer avail. similar here)
Rings: Vintage. Watch: Michael Kors.


Want some more Mint in your life? Get on board!

November 13, 2012


Confession: I think I may be becoming "that weird girl that always wears a red beanie" I'm obsessed! Nothing like a nice red pop of color! It's like an exclamation point for an outfit! And I love exclamation points! (Reference to Seinfeld episode where Elaine's boyfriend... oh just watch it!)

Beanie: Wooden Ships (no longer avail, similar here) Sunnies: BCBG. Blazer: Silence & Noise.
Dress: Cooperative (no longer avail, similar here)  Belt: J Crew. Clutch: Random find. Ring: Vintage. 
Watch: Michael Kors. Booties: Jeffrey Campbell (no longer avial but knee-high version here)


November 11, 2012

The Jean Geanie.

Finally Fall has arrived in Southern California! There is a cool breeze blowing! People are wearing pants! Jackets! Scarves! I even had my first white hot chocolate of the season! My fave!! A while back I did a post about Fall Fashion where I mentioned leather pants- they scare people. Even my lovely photographer mentioned her hesitation, but I promise you- try them! Report back to me. They are so fun. Rock N' Roll!! 

Headband: American Apparel. Sunnies: RetroSuperFuture. Shirt: BDG (Old, Similar here)
Pants: Random (Similar here) Shoes: Steve Madden. 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Watch: Michael Kors. Rings: Vintage.


PS- A little announcement to make! Please welcome the fabulous Nicole Hart to the Mint team!! Check out more of her photos here and more to come on the blog!! 

November 8, 2012

Little Surfer Girl.

My very own "Mini Me" (insert: pinky finger and pursed lips here) is featured in this super cute little vid! Check out Tay Dubs killing it below.


November 6, 2012

Tuneage Tuesday: Simon & Garfunkel.

In honor of election day I chose one of my favorite songs, "America" by Simon & Garfunkel.  Making the decision to not get too political on here but I hope you all get out there and make an educated vote today!

 Happy Election Day!!

November 4, 2012


OK. Maybe I have been under a rock or something, because I am just now discovering these gems! Super has become my new favorite brand of sunnies and I am officially coveting about 5 pairs. Here are my faves!!

Yes, yes and yes please.


November 1, 2012

Hula Hoop.

The Chanel "Hula Hoop" Bag. Spring/Summer 13'

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?