August 29, 2012

Mellow Yellow.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear and even though fall is rapidly approaching I will not give up! I will continue to use yellow to brighten up any gloomy day that comes my way! I must give warning with this post that Mocs are not the ideal shoe for skating- I do not recommend, especially if you want to keep yours in good condition. Although with a lot of wear and tear mine have lasted years!

Sunnies: Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Sweater: BCBGeneration. (No longer avail.) 
Shorts: Forever 21. Mocs: Minnetonka.


Photo Cred: Targa Sahyoun.

August 28, 2012


Mint Clothing Company is on Instagram! 

After surf. 

The Mint Mini Downtown.

New business cards!! 

Venice Bike Shop. 

Fresh die-cut Mint sticker. More coming your way!!

Enough options? Fun at the screen printers! 

Come along for the ride? @mintclothingcompany  


August 24, 2012

Orange Crush.

Nothing says summer like a melting ice cream cone. Isn't it just the best?! Growing up in Southern California my summers consisted of long days at the beach- sandy and surfed out, skateboarding barefoot and romping around with a group of crazy kids with long blonde hair and sunburned noses. The other day felt like a time warp. It was some much needed pure fun.

You might recognize this coral bikini from my "Summer Essentials" post. Don't leave home without it! This sweater is perfection for summer afternoons by the water and layering for fall- but good luck finding it as it's a few years old. Don't fret! FP has similar ones here and take my word- good investment. 

Sunnies: Von Zipper. Sweater: Free People. 
Watch: Michael Kors. Rings: Vintage. 

Have a great weekend!!


Photo Cred: Targa Sahyoun. 

August 23, 2012

Blonde Ambition.

Last week I stopped into the salon and decided to lighten up a little! I absolutely love it!! A little change always feels so good! My girl Daniella, is a Godsend and she always does a fantastic job! Here are a few of my favorite products that help maintain my blonde. If your not blonde- keep reading! There are some good finds in here for you too! I'm a huge advocate of taking care of your hair. Between coloring, surfing, being in the sun.. it needs maintenance! Besides what girl doesn't love products?!

1."Pureology Cutical Polisher"- Not just for blonde's this is a cream that if you rub your hands together long enough turns into a serum. Magic! I usually put it in my hair whilst it's still wet before I blow dry it. Makes your hair feel so healthy and shiny!

2."Pureology Anti Breakage Twist"- As you probably know dying and styling your hair can be pretty damaging, this guy keeps me in good shape in between trims. After I blow dry I put this in and it gives it that kinda dirty piecey look- which I love.

3."KMS Hair Play: Makeover Spray"- I tell any girl (or guy for that matter!) who will listen to me about this product! It's my favorite!! Seriously. If you aren't into washing your hair everyday, which most girls will admit they aren't- this is the best. thing. ever!! It's a spray in shampoo which smells amazing! It doesn't leave white powdery crap or turn your hair gray looking and saves a lot of time in the mornings if your aren't into to washing and blow drying your hair everyday! Get it! I'm tellin' ya.

4."Clairol Shimmer Lights"- This is for the blondies out there! Use once a week to once every two weeks to brighten up that blonde and keep it from getting yellow and brassy. Do not, I repeat, do not leave this in for too long- it's purple and it can leave a slight purple tinge to your hair. Which I guess Lavender hair is in now! But if you don't want that, don't forget to rinse! Fun fact: The reason it's purple is because in the color spectrum the opposite of yellow is purple and using a purple shampoo neutralizes the yellow tones in the hair. Good to know.

5."L'oreal Nature's Thearpy"- This product is kinda hard to find! But it's fantastic for dry hair! Wash and then towel dry before you put this in for best results. Leave on your hair for a few minutes, I've even seen girls at the gym go into the steam room with it in. I guess blow drying whilst its on would have the same effect to where the heat locks in the moisture. It smells lovely and it will leave your hair so soft! But this is a once, to once every two week deal- too much will make your hair greasy!

6."Redken Blonde Glam" This is my every day shampoo and conditioner. Which is hard to find a good one! I will admit unless I'm surfing and I need to, I don't wash my hair everyday. If your like me and you don't wash every day this won't make your hair greasy by day two and yet and it doesn't dry it out either. It also kinda depends on your hair. But it's great for blondes and most importantly the smell- not too much but whenever someone hugs me they usually ask "what are you wearing" and I say "it's my shampoo!!"

If your in the LA area and are looking for a stylist who can do no wrong I gotta tell you my Hair Guru Daniella does it all. Great cuts, perfect color, plus she is the nicest! I know how hard it is to find a good one! I send everyone to her! And you can find her here.


Photo Cred: Tanya Rico.

August 21, 2012

Like A Rolling Stone.

Spent the weekend in Venice with friends. Shopping was done, sushi was eaten and skating was the mode of transport. The weather was perf. As promised- more printed jeans! Kinda my thing. These wedge sneakers are currently on heavy rotation. They are perfect for me as I'm a sneaker girl + they give me a few extra inches (which I could use as I'm 5'1") Also a little less expensive then the Isabel Marant's if your wanting a similar vibe without that price tag! I am lusting over these Nike ones as well!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Sunnies: Ray-Ban. Tee: Vintage. Jeans: Topshop. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.
Kicks: Steve Madden. Watch: Michael Kors. Rings: Vintage. 


Photo Cred: Targa Sahyoun.

August 16, 2012

Go Shorty.

Here's a post for all you surfer girls out there. Its still summer people! That's right- I'm hanging on! And the water is still super warm!! There has been quite the development for women's wetsuits in the last several years. When I was a kid, in order to avoid those "spring suit tan lines" (to where I would have a gap of pale skin on my thighs between where my every day shorts ended and where my wetsuit stopped just above the knee. Not cute.) I used to cut the legs off my wetsuits with scissors. And walk ten miles! In the snow! Just kiddin'...

Anyway! Now a' days luckily there a ton of options out there and I thought I'd feature a few on the blog as to help with the decision making process.

1. O'Neill "Bahia"- This is the suit that I'm wearing in the photos above. It's functional. Affordable. (Run's ya about $100) And I happen to like that it doesn't totally ride up my...bum, I'll say. Nothing more annoying then trying to surf whilst constantly fixing your...situation! But it's still cut short enough to where it's sexy and girly. Although I do have to vent about something and this is my blog so I can! ;) There is this stupid pocket on the butt! I guess it's meant for your keys but mine personally are electronic, so that won't work. Also if they weren't electronic whenever I sat down on my board or spun round to catch a wave I'd feel my keys! Ouch! That's all. So I don't put keys in.

2. Billabong "Cheeky"-  Most definitely the cutest of the suits. This is a fashion over function debate. Now I will admit I have worn PLENTY of uncomfortable shoes in the name of lookin' good but a wetsuit- not something I am willing to skimp on. Most of the girls I talk to that wear this suit says it's incredibly annoying, as you have a constant wedgie. Plus side- you avoid bad tan lines and probably get a lotta cute surfer boys asking ya out! Also comes in a variety of colors, although I have to mention grey just ain't good for surfing, your wax will dirty it up in one go. Good price on this guy- $79.50 over at Swell.

3. Patagonia "R1"- The priciest of these three ($189) and also probably the best. I have not owned a Patagonia suit but I've heard they are lush. Cadillac of women's spring suits if you will! And it will probably last you the longest as well. Would have to think of this one as an investment. Also not the styliest of the bunch, but sometimes less is more. Sleek. "Call me Bond. Jessica Bond."

Another great option for some extra coverage out there whilst still looking cute are these adorable suits made by my lovely new friend Amanda over at "Seea". Also good for a spring shorty is "Coral Reef" and they will do ya' up a custom one!

Have fun out there ya little water babies!


Photo Cred. & Special Thanks: Ian Zamora
Check out more of Ian's photos here!

August 13, 2012

Bows & Brights.

Had brunch yesterday at "Omelette Parlor" in Santa Monica. If you go- get the "California Benedict" its amaze-balls! I don't even say amaze-balls usually! That's how good it is. We followed that up by browsing the boutiques on Main Street. I am getting so excited for my tee shirt line- Mint, I can't even tell you! Working so hard, it was nice to take a little break.  

I know things got a little crazy with the bows for a while but I still love them and I adore this blouse. This ain't the last time you will see printed jeans on this blog as I am kind of addicted to them. Effortless way to transform "jeans and tee" into an outfit. The "Mini Mac" is also a staple of mine- I wouldn't mind one in every color actually! Although this wine color is gorgeous and suits me just fine :)

Sunnies: BCGB. Blouse: French Connection. Jeans: Joe's. 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.  Sandals: Some random shop in London.
 Rings: Vintage. Watch: Michael Kors.


Photo Cred: Alexa Morris.

August 9, 2012

Black & White.


Cruised Melrose today with my adorable cousin who is visiting from London. I have always been into black and white- especially with a pop of color. Especially this color which everyone seems to still be obsessed with. I can't manage to get these sandals off my feet! Summer essential fo' sho'. Blouse is polka dot with cute frill detail over the shoulders. It was a frantic purchase in an extremely busy Topshop- Oxford Street, one year at Christmas time. Its one of those things that gets lost in the shuffle and every time I stumble across it I remember how much I like it and ask myself "why don't I ever wear this?!" 

Sunnies: RayBan. Blouse: Topshop. Jeans: Zara. Sandals: Steve Madden. 
Watch: Michael Kors. Rings: Vintage.


Photo Cred: Abby Weinreich. 

August 7, 2012

Love is in the details.

Here it goes- my first outfit post! I love the idea of taking something simple like a plain white tee and jean shorts and putting some extra lovin' in the details. You've got a blank palette so have a little fun! To spice this up I added my go-to fedora, gold jewels and leopard oxfords.

I'm a Leo and I guess that explains my affinity for Leopard Print! I coveted these DV oxfords for-ev-er! You can't really tell from pic but they've got a bright coral colored sole. I love em'! You might also spot a few of my "Summer Essentials" in here! 

Fedora: Urban Outfitters.  Sunnies: Ray-Ban.  Tee: Splendid.  
Shorts: Topshop (no longer avail.) Oxfords: Dolce Vita. Rings: Vintage. Watch: Michael Kors
Polish: Essie "Topless & Barefoot"


August 5, 2012

Summer Essentials.

If you know me I guarantee you have seen me sporting not one- but probably ALL of these things! They are my go-to items. My favorites. Must have. Essentials. 

1. Straw Fedora: An absolute must! Excellent for sun protection and not to mention bad hair days! Oh boy. It saves me! I can't even remember where I got my ol' faithful but there is a similar one here.

2. Coral Bikini: I am addicted to Coral! It is the perfect shade to show off your mid-summer glow. I adore this Mara Hoffman suit. I however, went for a less expensive option which I purchased here.

3. Aviators: I've got the classic Ray-Bans. They are on before I leave the house. I've somehow managed to travel all over the world with mine without losing them! Miracle! Now that I think about it they have outlasted some relationships! :P

4. Shiseido: I've been surfing since I was about 10 years old and after extensive research I can tell you this is the stuff you want. It stays on in the water and bonus* it's also tinted if you need a little "coverage" out there! I also use the "Sun Protection Lip Treatment" found here.

5. Nude Nails: I have tried so many different shades but I finally found Essie "Topless & Barefoot" and I am in love. Its opaque- not translucent (which I happen to like) and c'mon, you know you base your polish choice on the name- this is a good one!

6. White Cut-Offs: So fresh. They match with everything. Check out a ton of options here. (Just watch where you sit ;))

7. Bold Beach Bag: Duh. Where you gonna put all this stuff? I actually scored and found one very similar to this on sale at World Market of all places! But if it's this exact bag your after, you will find it here.

8. Turquoise Ring: I got mine years ago, lost it- then found it- and now I can't take it off. It's just so pretty and perfect for summer. Loving this one.

9. Neon Sandals: I couldn't find my exact ones online but this DV by Dolce Vita pair are pretty similar. I am obsessed with this color and surprisingly mine manage to work with almost every outfit. Plus you don't get lost in a crowd (ba' dum bum).

10. Comfy "Mint" Tee: Throw on with absolutely anything, oh- so- perfectly- worn- in- tee. Workin' on the photo for this one! SOON!

Stay tuned! Xo!