September 17, 2013

Rapping With: Celeb Stylist, Madison Guest.

It's been a while since my last "Rapping With..." post. I particularly love these because it gives me the opportunity to ask people I know personally questions that I wouldn't normally just ask out of the blue. Miss Madison here showed me the styling ropes and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside her and her lovely clients. Definitely a natural when it comes to style she is behind some of Young Hollywood's best looks. She is also the queen of any 90's TV or movie reference. We have battled it out. And clocked in hours watching 90210 whilst simultaneously organizing pulls and returns! That Dylan is a heart breaker. 

Take me back.. first realization that you were obsessed with clothes?
I feel like I've always been pretty obsessed with clothes. I think my earliest memory is probably when I was in about 2nd grade. I designed this outfit for my grandma to make me to wear to school. It was a red jumper with two big pockets on the front that each had a big, black shiny button. The best part was the very 90s hat that I picked to go with it-- also red, with black trim. I don't think she ever made it for me, but I thought I was going to be the coolest girl at Hayes Elementary.

When did you decide to become a stylist?
I had been interning at WhoWhatWear.com for a while, and the time came where I really needed to decide what to do with my life. Katherine and Hillary encouraged me to look into styling because I had done a little assisting for the stylists of WhoWhatWearTV and they thought I really had a knack for it. So I began assisting for stylists outside of WWW and eventually just went out on my own.  

Favorite look you've done?
I don't know if there's a favorite look! To me, each look is perfect for the occasion. I did love the look Victoria and I did for KCA this year. It could not have been a better fit for KCA!

Favorite designers?
My favorite designers right now are Phoebe Philo, Hedi Slimane, Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, and Isabel Marant. 

Behind the Scenes: Best story from a shoot?
I'm not sure this is a favorite story, but an entertaining one none the less. Last summer I did shoot on some sand dunes. I left Hollywood in shorts and a t-shirt, with a slight hangover, thinking this would be a warm, quick, easy shoot. I drove hours and hours to meet the photographer and model on some random country road (literally felt like I was back in Oklahoma). I assumed we'd all drive to where we would be shooting and then park close by. NOPE! I had to park my car, gather all of the clothing and accessories, plus my kit, climb a fence and then hike what felt like 4 miles of 30+ foot sand dunes. At this point the temperature had dropped to like 45 degrees and I was beyond freezing! We barely got any shots in before the sun went down and I almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple times on the way home. I think I was in bed for 3 days after that shoot!

Thanks for the chat Madison!
Find her on instagram @madisonguest and Twitter too!

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