November 19, 2013


How does a mid-week mini vacay sound to you? Sounds good to me! Last week the wonderful folks at "Beaming" in Del Mar treated me to 2 days of delicious, healthy food and juices! I was like a kid in a candy store, and to me a Superfood Bar stocked with fresh pressed juices, power tonics, acai bowls and yummy salads (hello kale, quinoa and kelp noodles) is definitely my version of a candy store!!

My faves: The "Sexy Mayan" Smoothie: Sprouted Almond Milk, Beaming Protein, Raw Cacao, Banana, Dates, Maca, Vanilla, Cayenne, Cinnamon and Nutmeg- which gets it's name from it's libido, yep libido- enhancing properties. Also, the dessert quality Acai Bowl: Non GMO Acai, Organic Gluten free Granola, Honey, Cacao Nibs, Berries- I could eat one every single day!

Here are a few pics from my trip! More to come! Thanks Beaming for spoiling me- not rotten but fresh and healthy as can be! I'm now having withdrawls and missing Beaming already!! Can't wait for the LA location!


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