September 5, 2012

Fall-ing For You.

Okay. There is no more denying it. It's September and I'm officially smitten with Fall fashion. Here are a few of my favorite trends for the upcoming season.

1. Parka: My name is Jessica and I am a parkaholic. That's right- I've got three of these bad boys! And I am still wanting another! Love the classic army green (like this Topshop one featured) but I'm thinking tan with some fur along the hood like this beauty.

2. Varsity: I have been on the hunt for a good varsity jacket for years!! This Chloe one is a little outta my price range but kinda digging this versatile grey and white one here. 

2. Pea-Coat: Can you get more classic then a pea- coat? I love to get all Jame's Dean and flip my collar up- so mysterious! This navy double breasted is gorgeous! Also love to see a red with black buttons seen here. Not to mention a bright winter white!

1. Pattern: So many beautiful pattern knits happening this season! I can see this beautiful Rag & Bone dolman paired with wine colored skinnies and tan felt hat. Oh so perfect for fall (find similar here)

2. Metallic: Neon was to Spring and Summer what Metallic is to Fall. Metallic is one of my favorite trends for the up-coming season! How festive is this copper sweater from The Row! (Less expensive version here)

3. Cable: The also classic and so warm and fuzzy cable knit. This vanilla color is perfect to throw on with jeans and guaranteed to match pretty much anything. Find a similar, less pricey version here.

1. Wine: Another favorite color for Fall: Maroon, Burgundy, Wine... I love em all and I especially love my wine colored skinnies which I can not wait to get back on! I highly recommend these from FP and another great pair here. Create a sexy nighttime look by pairing with a leather jacket or a warm and cuddly day time look by adding your favorite white sweater.

2. Camo: I am so on board with this Camo trend.  I am yet to find the perfect pair of Camo skinnies that I've been lusting for. I might have to hunt down these Current Elliot's featured. Zara's also got a nice take on em which you can find here. 

3. Leather: I mean. You gotta do it. I know they can be intimidating. But harness your inner rock star and invest in some leather pants. Love the juxtaposition between hard and soft by coupling these with  your biggest, softest and fuzziest sweater! So chic. Find some goodin's here and also here.

Hope this helped to ease those breaking up with summer blues! Nothing heals a broken heart quicker then finding something new to love! Happy September!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the leather pants! I need some asap!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  2. The sweater looks cute! We love it!:)

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  3. i love the leather pants look!


  4. I want fall now. I am impatiently waiting here in texas for the fall weather. we will be looking at another month of hot hot weather! :(


  5. You're lucky, here in Argentina is coming the spring :(
    i love your favourite things, i'm waiting in my blog.
    would you like to do follow bach each other?
    xoxo, Nati


  6. Ohhh dying over here!There's nothing I don't adore here!Well done,honey!;)