October 9, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks.

I am obviously not the only one still feelin' this wedge sneaker trend. They are everywhere! I've heard that sneakers are addicting... I've seen rappers closets on "Cribs"- but I have to admit I never really caught that sneaker bug until now. I could literally have a pair of wedge sneakers in every color. If I must narrow it down... here are my three faves:

1. Ash Cool Wedge Hi Top Trainer- I mean. Pink + Wedge sneaker. These are the cutest things ever. Also love the leather detail. Jeans, white tee- your good to go. Just realized these match my RM bag perfectly!! Excuses, excuses...

2. Isabel Marant Bekket High Top- Isabel Marant is the one who has really taken this trend to the next level. Every color imaginable- they have available. From these mellow navy and white to bright gold, to sleek black to sassy lipstick red. One of each?

3. Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge- Nike. Still in the game with these wedge dunks. Love this "Bamboo" color. Plus they are Nike! Classic. Even when these eventually fade out keep em' and your daughter can wear them one day, or sell them on ebay.


1 comment:

  1. I've been looking for the Bekket for weeks! The white, blue and red ones are just amazing! Good choice!
    Cheers, Cory.