April 10, 2013

Rapping with Boys and Arrows.

Meagan Scott is the brains behind the Ventura based swimsuit line: Boys and Arrows. Okay, remember in "Crazy, Stupid Love" when Ryan Gosling uses that line "Your the perfect combination of sexy and cute"- well that is exactly how I would describe Boys and Arrows! I'm addicted to this line and want every suit they make. I want to be a fun, fearless, perfect combination of sexy and cute, Boys and Arrows girl! I hung with Meagan at the Boys and Arrows HQ a few weeks ago and got the full scoop on my favorite new brand:

How did you come up with the extremely cute and clever name: Boys + Arrows? 
Hmmm, the name! Well it was about a year and a half of sleepless nights and rapid annoying thoughts of what name would explain what I was trying to do best. It’s obviously a play on Bows and Arrows, which I found to be slightly too masculine for a women’s swimwear line so clearly Boys+Arrows was the answer! Just a playful name about weaponry and chasing boys. Hobbies.

Your bio on your site, written beautifully by your sister Sam- explains some of the best times of your life were spent in a bikini which inspired you to start a swim line. Let us in on the action! One of the best experiences you've had in a bikini? 
Encinitas Beach, Costa Rica, 6:27am– the earliest I've ever had champagne! The full story is on my website under "Tall Tales" and is well worth the read.

We are both born and bred California girls -what is your favorite thing to do in this beautiful state we call home?
Absolute favorite thing to do is pack an ice chest filled with adult beverages and amazing snacks.  Jump in my Fiance's truck with about 4 bundles of fire wood and head to the beach for an afternoon camping session.  He surfs, I watch and then we camp! These excursions aren't planned which make them particularly amazing.  Tequila usually plays a part in our escapade as well.  Simple and perfect.

Need to know about the wolf in your Spring 2013 video and lookbook! How did that happen?! 
I love a wolf.  I had to have one!  So, I found one.  His name is Bob.  He was actually pretty intense once we were rolling.  Every time you see him in a photo, he was actually staring at a piece of raw meet on his trainers stick.  Wild animals make me happy.

Tell me about the inspiration behind your most recent collection? 
My current collection was inspired from all of my recent escapades and travels.  That's pretty much where all of my designing comes from.  I had an obsession with pastels season!  They are so pretty and mixed with a feisty frisky girl it's a match made in heaven.  

Visit Boys and Arrows awesome website (with plenty of fun reading materal and travel tips!) here.


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