July 15, 2013

Thats a wrap: Unique LA.

Santa Monica's Barker Hangar

Kimze and I with our banners on set up day! 

Getting silly, I'm a Mint burrito!

Kimze (Kovey) and I at our booth all ready to go!! 

Sandwiched between two "Shark Tanks"!! 

My friend Kate surprised me!! 

One of my amazing Mint Team- Ali!!

My blogger buddy Kat of Love and Ace stopped by!

I am obsessed with these "smuffins" -amazing! 

Hepp's Salts, can't wait to use this stuff! So good.

Cotton candy flavors! I got Mango Chili! YUM.

My oldest friend in the world, Megan and I enjoying our Bon Puf cotton candy!
Thats a lil' umbrella in there btw, haha!

My amazing assistant Kenzie!

Well! It was a really awesome weekend. It was my first time at Unique LA, and my first show ever. I can't thank you all enough for your support!! I had so many of my beautiful friends stop by! I wish I got pictures with all of you! So overwhelmed by you guys! I also made a lot of new friends! And I got to meet some of you that read the blog too! Thank you all for coming to say hi to me!! I really enjoyed meeting you guys!

So.. that's a wrap on the Unique LA Summer Show. It was a truly great experience. Extra thanks to Kimze and the entire Kovey crew- you guys are the best!! It was SO fun spending the weekend with you!! And Kenzie, who helped out all 3 days- can't thank you enough.

I am one lucky girl I'll tell ya. So much love for all of you!


Roll with me....


  1. At first, I thought that you were wearing a dress with the MINT logo on it (which if you aren't already making, you totally should!) I'm glad the show was a success. Wishing you luck from all the way across the US.



  2. this is super cool <3 love that tank!!

    Alexa <3