February 9, 2014

New York City.

So, last week I did a 48 hour stint in NYC. It was quite the whirlwind trip. I don't know how people do it! I took the red eye Wednesday for all day meetings Thursday except a lunch stop- I finally got to eat at Serendipity, which has been on my list every time I go to New York as it's one of my favorite movies!! AND serendipitously enough we got sat at the same table where they filmed the scene in the movie, which was kinda cool.

Later that day I found my way to SoHo and got to check out the Dolce Vita Showroom and sneak peek their Fall gear- it's gorgeous. I wanted everything. I can't wait till all the shoes comes out, you will freak. Thanks to DV for having me! Too much fun.

Next, I cruised around Soho for some shopping and cupcake eating at The Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Prince St. Vanilla with chocolate frosting, always a good call. I also loved this cute little bookstore, Mcnally Jackson just down the road.

Friday- navigated the subway on my own. I was very proud of myself if you can't tell. I find the New York Subway to be a lot more difficult then Paris or London where I've spent a little more time. I kept looking for the red line! No one to tell me to "mind the gap"- people need to be reminded! I do better with colors then numbers and letters for sure haha. Anyway! I made it. I met up with Michael from On Abbot Kinney for a stroll around and we snapped a few pics. All back, coffee and cigarettes, he is way too cool for me- rag-a-muffin LA girl haha.. it was fun to hang with him and take a walk around his neighborhood. Hopefully I didn't cramp his style too much!

Top & Skirt: c/o* ASOS | Booties: c/o* Sam Edelman

More meetings... Times Square was a mad house! Had to go through right through Super Bowl Ave.  I kept telling Lindsey I wished I had my skateboard!! Coulda cut right through...

(excuse these iphone pics... new camera coming soon)

 Then, just like that I'm already off. Interesting conversation with my cab driver about the meaning of life before he dropped me at the wrong terminal, which turned out to be the right terminal- creepy, and a long story. Met some nice boys stranded in the airport. Boarded, passed out and...

Back in LA before midnight when I officially turn into a pumpkin. So, I skipped town just before the Superbowl, the storm and LA Fashion Week. In and out. It was a lovely, production trip and special thanks to my PR, Lindsey for setting up my trip and showing me a great time.  New York, until we meet again.


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