March 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning.

So. I'm moving. It's exciting. As I'm packing up I also find myself throwing out a ton of ... well crap really, and fantasizing about someone with no feeling towards any of this stuff coming in and taking it all out in one foul swoop. If that were to happen, I know that there are only a few things I would really miss. Even knowing that - I still have a hard time parting with this stuff! Why?! I thought maybe you guys might have this problem too if your moving, or spring cleaning- which lead me to write this post and maybe distract me from packing... mu ha haha (evil laugh*)

 So let's break it down..

I started here. So many products! Who the hell needs all this?! Serums, samples, Christmas presents from years past of lotion and perfume sets, dusty candles (huh?) So many half used bottles of Advil/ Midol/ contact solution and the like.. And the nail polish. I never even paint my own nails because I totally suck at it. So all the nail polish went. All the gift sets went. All the samples went. All the products I don't use on a daily basis went. That's a lie. Argg... most of the products I don't use on a daily basis went. A few sprays and serums stayed.

Every girl does this. Maybe twice or four times a year you go through all your bras and underwear and determine which are worth hanging on to and which need be tossed. The lace is ripped, the bra fabric has pilled up, the underwires are stabbing you... but still it's my instinct to hold on to these? Not sure for what... obviously not saving them for a hot date. Do I think there will be an underwear shortage at some point? No more underwear to purchase anywhere? Am I totally alone? I'm thinking of throwing them all out and starting entirely fresh. Here are a few good deals on underwear if your thinking of doing the same...

(not my underwear drawer... photo via shopimagine.com)

Just steal my clothes. Seriously. Debating giving out my address. Or! Hiring some kind of hitman but for my closet? Just don't take any shoes or bags. Like most of you out there, I don't wear even half of what's in my closet. And that "6 month rule" is really hard to go off of! Because it's as soon as you drop the bag off at the women's shelter or throw it into one of those drop boxes, you remember something you accidentally put in and now it's just gone, gone forever. But who cares! I mean really. It's gone to a better place. Having too much stuff just isn't healthy. Right? I feel such a weight off my shoulders! Or.. am I going to. Hopefully.

So here we go, any jeans I haven't worn in the last 6 months- gone. Sweaters piled up and stretched out- gone. The ex's tee shirts- ugh long gone. Dresses I have worn only once- gone, gone gone... Old socks, tights, scarfs...get outta here... Man this feels good! Theoretically. This was great mental preparation. Thank you! Any advise feel free to comment below! Happy Spring Cleaning!



  1. I think the time-line is 6 years..not 6 months! :) Styles always come around again; but the make-up and undies? Out they go! icky ick ick
    Undies? dDn't even wash them, toss them and buy new!!!

  2. I find so hard to do that, I always think I'm going to use all of my clothes!