August 23, 2012

Blonde Ambition.

Last week I stopped into the salon and decided to lighten up a little! I absolutely love it!! A little change always feels so good! My girl Daniella, is a Godsend and she always does a fantastic job! Here are a few of my favorite products that help maintain my blonde. If your not blonde- keep reading! There are some good finds in here for you too! I'm a huge advocate of taking care of your hair. Between coloring, surfing, being in the sun.. it needs maintenance! Besides what girl doesn't love products?!

1."Pureology Cutical Polisher"- Not just for blonde's this is a cream that if you rub your hands together long enough turns into a serum. Magic! I usually put it in my hair whilst it's still wet before I blow dry it. Makes your hair feel so healthy and shiny!

2."Pureology Anti Breakage Twist"- As you probably know dying and styling your hair can be pretty damaging, this guy keeps me in good shape in between trims. After I blow dry I put this in and it gives it that kinda dirty piecey look- which I love.

3."KMS Hair Play: Makeover Spray"- I tell any girl (or guy for that matter!) who will listen to me about this product! It's my favorite!! Seriously. If you aren't into washing your hair everyday, which most girls will admit they aren't- this is the best. thing. ever!! It's a spray in shampoo which smells amazing! It doesn't leave white powdery crap or turn your hair gray looking and saves a lot of time in the mornings if your aren't into to washing and blow drying your hair everyday! Get it! I'm tellin' ya.

4."Clairol Shimmer Lights"- This is for the blondies out there! Use once a week to once every two weeks to brighten up that blonde and keep it from getting yellow and brassy. Do not, I repeat, do not leave this in for too long- it's purple and it can leave a slight purple tinge to your hair. Which I guess Lavender hair is in now! But if you don't want that, don't forget to rinse! Fun fact: The reason it's purple is because in the color spectrum the opposite of yellow is purple and using a purple shampoo neutralizes the yellow tones in the hair. Good to know.

5."L'oreal Nature's Thearpy"- This product is kinda hard to find! But it's fantastic for dry hair! Wash and then towel dry before you put this in for best results. Leave on your hair for a few minutes, I've even seen girls at the gym go into the steam room with it in. I guess blow drying whilst its on would have the same effect to where the heat locks in the moisture. It smells lovely and it will leave your hair so soft! But this is a once, to once every two week deal- too much will make your hair greasy!

6."Redken Blonde Glam" This is my every day shampoo and conditioner. Which is hard to find a good one! I will admit unless I'm surfing and I need to, I don't wash my hair everyday. If your like me and you don't wash every day this won't make your hair greasy by day two and yet and it doesn't dry it out either. It also kinda depends on your hair. But it's great for blondes and most importantly the smell- not too much but whenever someone hugs me they usually ask "what are you wearing" and I say "it's my shampoo!!"

If your in the LA area and are looking for a stylist who can do no wrong I gotta tell you my Hair Guru Daniella does it all. Great cuts, perfect color, plus she is the nicest! I know how hard it is to find a good one! I send everyone to her! And you can find her here.


Photo Cred: Tanya Rico.


  1. We need to see the look of the final pics! :-)

    Also, your CAPTCHA spam blocker is so annoying! I swear I have to try proving I'm not a robot like 4-5 times before it believes me!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    1. Hey there! I've posted pics since I'd gone blonder... was back tracking a little ;) Sorry about the Captcha! I know they can be so annoying!! I don't know how to make it easier to read? If I take off the Captcha will I get a bunch of weird messages from robots? Haha. Thanks for stopping by!!!


  2. I just found your blog and this is so helpful and I really need it because I have to get my hair highlighted next week and I need the anit-breakage tips

    Following you now

  3. i'm currently brunette and have gone lighter before but never full-on blonde, though i secretly really want to try it. i'm just afraid it would wash me out or damage my hair a lot since my hair is naturally very dark. i love your color though!



  4. Wow!nice color of your hair,we love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Oo! How fun - I just went a little lighter with my hair too so these tips are much appreciated!

  6. Love your blonde. So jelly.