August 16, 2012

Go Shorty.

Here's a post for all you surfer girls out there. Its still summer people! That's right- I'm hanging on! And the water is still super warm!! There has been quite the development for women's wetsuits in the last several years. When I was a kid, in order to avoid those "spring suit tan lines" (to where I would have a gap of pale skin on my thighs between where my every day shorts ended and where my wetsuit stopped just above the knee. Not cute.) I used to cut the legs off my wetsuits with scissors. And walk ten miles! In the snow! Just kiddin'...

Anyway! Now a' days luckily there a ton of options out there and I thought I'd feature a few on the blog as to help with the decision making process.

1. O'Neill "Bahia"- This is the suit that I'm wearing in the photos above. It's functional. Affordable. (Run's ya about $100) And I happen to like that it doesn't totally ride up my...bum, I'll say. Nothing more annoying then trying to surf whilst constantly fixing your...situation! But it's still cut short enough to where it's sexy and girly. Although I do have to vent about something and this is my blog so I can! ;) There is this stupid pocket on the butt! I guess it's meant for your keys but mine personally are electronic, so that won't work. Also if they weren't electronic whenever I sat down on my board or spun round to catch a wave I'd feel my keys! Ouch! That's all. So I don't put keys in.

2. Billabong "Cheeky"-  Most definitely the cutest of the suits. This is a fashion over function debate. Now I will admit I have worn PLENTY of uncomfortable shoes in the name of lookin' good but a wetsuit- not something I am willing to skimp on. Most of the girls I talk to that wear this suit says it's incredibly annoying, as you have a constant wedgie. Plus side- you avoid bad tan lines and probably get a lotta cute surfer boys asking ya out! Also comes in a variety of colors, although I have to mention grey just ain't good for surfing, your wax will dirty it up in one go. Good price on this guy- $79.50 over at Swell.

3. Patagonia "R1"- The priciest of these three ($189) and also probably the best. I have not owned a Patagonia suit but I've heard they are lush. Cadillac of women's spring suits if you will! And it will probably last you the longest as well. Would have to think of this one as an investment. Also not the styliest of the bunch, but sometimes less is more. Sleek. "Call me Bond. Jessica Bond."

Another great option for some extra coverage out there whilst still looking cute are these adorable suits made by my lovely new friend Amanda over at "Seea". Also good for a spring shorty is "Coral Reef" and they will do ya' up a custom one!

Have fun out there ya little water babies!


Photo Cred. & Special Thanks: Ian Zamora
Check out more of Ian's photos here!


  1. nice pictures ! and thanks for your comment on my blog ;)


  2. You look so cool! Love all the suits! Loving the picture of you with the surf board, Following you on bloglovin dear. Lets keep in touch!

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  4. Amazing post!
    I love all the swimming suits :)


  5. I have to be honest, I don't know anything about surfing! My husband used to surf before we met, but he doesn't anymore. But you do look great in the Bahia!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I'm totally digging this post!!


  7. I wish I knew how to surf. Looks like fun! But people who know me will tell you no way in hell I would go on a surf board lol!!

    1. I am sure you'd do great! So fun!!

  8. i want that billabong cheeky one so bad!!



  9. Great photos! Looking great!


  10. this is an amazing post, out of those options i love the billabong one but you rock in oneil, i immediately wanna go surfing,
    much love from,

  11. Go shorty, beautiful pics, interesting blog!

    Just started to follow you on bloglovin!
    xoxo DIa!


  12. I need some great threads for surfing! Inspiring images!

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  13. Ohhh how I'm glad I came across your blog,honey!Love,looove!;)

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