April 18, 2014


My first ever food post on the blog!! Ok, so as I mentioned I recently moved and I just got a new camera to document all my exploring. You may have to bear with me as I am just getting used to using this thing! Today I had lunch in Silverlake at this fantastic place called Forage, with my pattern maker Natalia. She recommended it and it was a fabulous suggestion. I have to admit it's a little intimidating at first- everyone in Silverlake is so effortlessly cool and I'm still getting the nerve to bust out this camera in public. After fumbling to turn it on and forgetting to take my lens cap off (duh) I managed to sneak a few pics.

I got the Roasted Salmon Bowl; Roasted Salmon, Brown Rice, Picked Scarlet Turnips and Garlic Kale. And these scrambled egg strip things and some amazing soy type sauce. So good. (I will get better with my describing words as I get used to this new food blogging thing. But for now good is what I've got) I almost opted out of the Turnips, because I wasn't sure if I even liked Turnips but they were the best part!! There are a lot of things to choose from cafeteria style or you can get made to order. Either way, it's all fresh, healthy and delish. 

We skimped on dessert but that Southern Lemon Pie looks pretty damn good doesn't it! Next time.



Pics: BY ME!!

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