October 9, 2013

Rapping with Dirtbag Darling.

There are some people you just like instantly. I've gotten to know Johnie aka Miss Dirtbag Darling herself- over the last year since starting my clothing line, Mint. Johnie is a writer, editor, adventurer and just an all around cool girl. Her blog, Dirtbag Darling is an inspirational documentation of those adventures, the amazing people she meets along the way and helpful tips on how to take care yourself ie: yummy recipes and exercise tips! I have been the subject of several of Johnie's Q&A's (our first one ever here!) SO in honor of Dirtbag Darlings remodel debut yesterday, I wanted to turn the tables on Johnie and ask her a few questions! Muahahaha...

What is the inspiration behind your blog, Dirtbag Darling?
I was working for a fashion magazine out in California, and on the weekends I would take off (and take off my heels!) to explore the state: rock climbing in Yosemite, surfing at Sunset Cliffs, hiking around Santa Barbara. I would come back to the office and all the other women would say that they wished they could do those things, but they didn't know how to get started. I started hunting around for blogs that I could share with them that would get them comfortable with the idea of getting outdoors, but I couldn't find a single one that wasn't full of technical jargon and expert content—so I started my own. I'm by NO MEANS an expert on anything outdoors-related (I don't think anyone would argue otherwise if they could see me surf), so this is also a fun way to keep my skills fresh and learn new things, too.  

Am I Dirtbag Darling? How do I determine this?
Heck yeah! Some sure warning signs include salty hair, chipped nail polish, bruises, sunburns, tan lines and a huge smile. A Dirtbag Darling is anyone who loves the Great Outdoors and tries to spend as much time in it as possible, whether that means you paddle out before work or you live in a van surrounded by climbing gear. She's someone constantly on the search for the next adventure.

Most recent Dirtbag Darling adventure?
A few weeks ago, nine friends and I loaded up an old school bus that we renovated into a mobile home and headed out West. We stopped at a bunch of national parks for overnight backpacking trips, rock climbing and hiking—glad we missed the government shutdown. That would have put a damper on things. Our bus did break down, though, and we had to leave it in Colorado. It had a good last trip though...RIP!

You are always posting the most inspirational photos and quotes, I have to ask which one is your fave?
Those are usually just the things that pop into my head when I'm outside doing something I love, but my favorite quote is by J.R.R. Tolkien—the man who wrote the Lord of the Rings— "Not all those who wander are lost." Oh, and, "When in doubt, vacation" (not by the man who wrote Lord of the Rings, but still good). 

How did you know about my chipped polish girl?! 
Check out the new and improved Dirtbag Darling here
And follow Johnie's daily adventures on Instagram here.


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